Amazing material changes the world, aerogel

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       According to the Times report, aerogel is one of the most lightest solid in the world, this amazing solid could endure 1000 kg explosive wave and isolate high temperature, over 1300 Celsius degree. Scientists are developing new usage of this material, from new-generation bat to the aerospace cloth for helping people landing on the Mars. Scientists think aerogel is the material changing the world.

Invention of Gambling

Invention of aerogel is occasional. Aerogel, which is born from the gambling of a chemist with another co-worker, is a solid which take the water out from the silicate gel and inject the carbon dioxide into it. Even though aerogel is classified as solid, but 99% material is gas. So it is so called frozen smoke.

  This amazing solid has characteristics of anti-high temperature and absorbing oil. Aerogel which is very expensive and fragile in its early days is locked in the experimental lab.

  About 10 years ago, NASA starts his great interest in this material and develops more real application. NASA fulfills the Starstorm Aerospace Detector with aerogel to absorb the material of the comet tail due to aerogel’s good absorbent characteristics.

  Wide application in future

  Aerogel is the best insulation material in the world. It could isolate the extreme temperature. Aspen Aerogel, which was created by NASA, produced one kind of aerogel with long endurance and good flexibility. It is used as the lining of aerospace cloth for the preparation of landing Mars in 2018.

  Aerogel has environmental usage, it is so called the best sponge because a lot of little porosity on its surface which is good to absorb the pollutant in the water.

    Aerogel has many usages in daily living. Dunlop Sport Company has developed a series of aerogel squash and tennis racket. It is said that aerogel could strengthen hitting power. Aerogel has been widely used in house insulation, shoes for climbing mountain and other areas. It will be used more and more in the future.

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