Two year, Two Excellent award of China patent in Qingyuan

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       Dec 14th, He Guosen, Deputy Mayor of Qingyuan City, stated the enterprise and personnel situations of 16th China patent award and 2014 Guangdong Patent award in the general conference of Qingyuan City government.  Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd was granted the Guangdong Patent Golden Award with its patent--- A making method for one material or more materials of aerogel insulation production. 

Application areas of this product are heat insulation, cold insulation and thermotics insulation, etc. Aerogel insulation material could satisfy global demand, such as industrial pipeline, industrial devices, industrial tank, aerospace, home appliance, transportation, construction, solar energy, ocean fishing, natural gas transportation, petroleum chemical, warm gas transportation, etc. It breaks through the monopoly of foreign countries.

       It is known that China Patent Award is the only government apartment award for those who were granted the patent of invention and innovation. This award has some global influence because it was approved by the WIPO. China Patent Award includes China Patent Golden Award, China Patent Excellent Award, China Exterior Design Golden Award and China Exterior Design Excellent Award.

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