• Name: Industrial Furnaces

      Aerogel insulation materials can be used in the interior insulation and the exterior insulation of industrial furnaces, including furnaces, toughening furnace, boilers and other heating ovens, which can effectively improve energy conservation rate and decrease the out surface temperature and the insulation thickness.



Poor insulation performance of conventional materials cannot achieve favorable results at high temperature.

Increased profile but reduced inner effective space of boiler due to big insulation thickness.

Loose compactness of insulation layers hardly stops airflow.

Additional inconveniences due to large profile and heavy weight are problematic to mobile boilers.

Safe and comfortable working environment is difficult for operators.


Benefits of aerogel insulation materials

Compared to conventional materials, better insulation effects and less heat loss can be achieved by aerogel materials.

Insulation layer thickness can be decreased while increasing inner effective space.

Airflow can be stopped with overlap and stagger by aerogel blankets or panels.

Temperature control accuracy can be sharply enhanced.

Working environment surrounding the boiler can be improved, creating conditions for a better working environment.

Easy installation improves efficiency for exterior insulation.


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