As the increasing amount of cars, there are more and more safety accidents, among which fire accidents take the biggest part.

When there is a fire accident, the organic insulation materials installed at the bottom of the car are a help of the fire and will generate toxic gases which endanger the respiratory system and the nervous system of passengers, making whom incapable of escape and evacuation. If replaced with aerogel blanket with inorganic, fireproof and flame resistant properties, fire spread speed can be tremendously slowed down, allowing more time for passengers escape.

Benefits of aerogel insulation materials used in vehicles

Excellent insulation effect not only reduces car energy consumption but also improves comfort and light profile.

The multi porous structure and the high porosity of aerogel insulation materials are helpful for reducing sound absorption and noise reduction.

Hydrophobic property and vapor permeability can refrain mould growth.

Inorganic and fireproof profile can partially resist flame and combustion.

The 3-D nano structure of aerogel offers good resistance to compression and impact.

 Benefits of aerogel insulation materials in power battery

Inorganic and fireproof profile---------------stable performance

Resistance to compression and impact---------------enhanced safety protection

Highly efficient in insulation---------------ensures the battery cell well function at the temperature between -30 to +60 Celsius

Thin profile---------------enables designs demand for space and lightweight

Long service life---------------guarantees same life span for both the battery cells and the car

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