Working conference and commendation congress of Guangdong intelligent property held in Guangzhou

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Dec 10th, afternoon, working conference and commendation congress of Guangdong intelligent property was held in Guangzhou. Provincial secretary, Hu Chunhua has attended the conference and given award to the representative. Chief provincial officer, Zhu Xiaodan and head officer of State Intelligent Property Bureau, Shen Changyu, jointly addressed speech on the conference. Provincial party committee member, general secretary, Lin Musheng joined this conference.  Deputy provincial officer, Chen Yunxian hosted this conference. The companies and persons, who got the prize of 16th China Patent Award and 2014 Guangdong Patent Award, were praised in this conference.  

With the commitment of provincial secretary, Hu Chunhua,  chief provincial officer Zhu Xiaodan represent the provincial committee and provincial government to thank for State Intelligent Property Bureau who keeps a long-term concern and support on Guangdong intelligent property work. He sent congratulation to those companies and persons. He pointed out that intelligent property work played an important roll in speeding up the transform of driving power, promoting economic transform and upgrade, enhancing international competiveness, building the pioneer province of innovational and driving development

Each level government under the lead of provincial government should, unify their thinking and action to the decision and deployment of central government and provincial government, deeply implement innovative development strategy and intelligent property strategy.  We should form a batch of competitive backbone factories and global intelligent property density companies by the drive innovative system, by the protection and the application of intelligent property, by the unification of question and demand, by the combination of market guideline and government support, by the new way of development of intelligent property. The goal is to make Guangdomg Province as the high land of intelligent property protection, the pioneer province of enhancing country by intelligent property. We hope to build 10 dense intelligent property industry zones until 2017. Over 1000 intelligent projects will be come out and increase over 50 billion RMB.  20 intelligent property trade agencies or centers will be born and make a deal over 10 billion RMB annually.  

 Zhu Xiaodan stressed that we should do well the job of intelligent from now to the future.  We should focus on the intelligent property development and get the most effect of the strategy reform, encourage the innovation, improve the product quality and promote the quantity.  We pay attention to the application and make the intelligent property into real productivity. We should make the intelligent property system to ensure the innovation of intelligent property. Optimize our service and fully enhance our service of intelligent property, deeply reform the system to release the bonus of intelligent property system. We should take the strategic opportunity to enlarge the cooperation continuously and deeply implement the high-level agreement of intelligent property between the State and the Province. We should initiatively provide the State Intelligent Property Bureau with the services of the connection between us to ensure the project implement between the State and province smoothly and get the visual return.   

       Shen Changyu confirmed the progress of what G uangdong Province did last year. He stressed that the State Intelligent Property Bureau hope enhance the cooperation with Guangdong Province, make a deep reform in intelligent property area together, enhance the protection of intelligent property, promote the application of intelligent property, improve and perfect the implement and discovery in intelligent property area, speed up the construction of strong province in intelligent property area. He hoped Guangdong Province government should conclude the experience and methods of intelligent property, offer advice and reference for the 13th five-year plan of the State Intelligent Property, position the strong province of intelligent property, positively take part in the trial point, get the most effort on the advantage of open-reform first runner, work hard on the trial experiment positively.        

       Ma Xianmin, the head officer of Guangdong Province Intelligent Property Bureau, as the representative of Guangdong Intelligent Property Office Conference, addressed an report named Intelligent property strategic implement could speed up the construction of intelligent property strong province by new innovation. 

       Five companies with 4 project, included Southern China University of Technology have gotten the China Patent Golden Award, two companies with projects, included Shenzhen Chuangwei--RGB Electrical Co.,Ltd have gotten the Exterior Design Golden Award, BYD Co.,Ltd and Guangzhou Automobile Co.,Ltd and persons with 77 projects have gotten the Excellent Award. 1 million RMB was granted to the companies by the Guangdong Province Government, as to 0.5 million RMB to the persons.

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