Installation of aerogel blanket for the reaction towers of Samsung Cheil Industries in Korea

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Customer Profile

CompanySamsung Cheil Industries

Projection locationNew-built factory of Samsung Cheil Industries in Korea

Equipment/pipelineReaction towers and pipes

Operation Conditions

Tower diameter2.8 m

Surface temperature of tower before thermal insulation300

Wind speed1m/s

Tower height35m 


1Difficult to install insulation materials because of the tower diameter.

2Insulation materials are difficult to be immobilized because nailing and drilling are prohibited on the surface of the tower.

3Insulation materials need to be cut on site. 


Aerogel blanket DRT061010mm thickness


3 layers of DRT0610 aerogel blanket, aluminum cladding was adopted as protection layer.


1, After insulation with aerogel blanket, the outer surface of insulation is controlled within 50, which is a big improvement of working environment.

2, Only 30mm is needed for insulation, saving a lot of space for insulation.

3, Efficiency of installation is highly increased, saving a lot of labor cost.

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